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*There are some best practices and restrictions, please make sure you read this Client Information first.

Massages at Lapa Palace Spa by Elemis
The ancient art of massage induces relaxation, promotes healing and helps restore and maintain optimal health. It uses a combination of techniques to improve blood and lymph circulation. From 10 am to 6:30 pm the Spa offers massages of the highest standard by trained massage therapists skilled at tailoring treatments to suit the individual client.

Find out a little bit more about some massages and services we provide at Lapa Palace Spa.
Ideal to ease away tension and to help combat the stress of modern day lifestyle.
Comforting, relaxing and tranquilizing. Gently eases away tension, stress and muscular aches and pains and stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
Extensive therapy work providing relaxation to lower and upper back, shoulders and neck. the ideal way to reduce body tension and stress.
Relaxing massage using aromatic oils, with the beneficial, effect of strengthening the immune mechanisms and preventing illness.
Works by applying pressure to the meridian and acupuncture points, briging the physical energy into balance and promoting health. Also strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and promotes self-healing.
A soothing foot massage followed by a gentle head massage.
Share the tranquility of a massage with someone important, both in the same room, each with their therapist.
This light pressure massage is designed to work on the lymphatic system to facilitate the removal of toxins and hoost the circulation. Acts favourably against cellulite, swelling and heavy legs.
Through this massage gentle pressure is applied to the feet, releasing blockages and restoring the free flow of energy to the whole body. Tensions are eased, and circulation is improved, while the body is encouraged to heal itself at its own pace.
Warm and cold stones are used to massage the entire surface of the body. Discomforts, aches and pains will be soothed away. Very effective in creating harmony and a positive energy flow thus promoting a sense of balance energy and peace.
It has a beneficial effect on circulation, muscle tone and provides relaxation throughout the body. We have also at your disposal several Body an Beauty Treatments, and also make-up, manicure and pedicure service.
For the Spa Promotions, please do not hesitate to contact our Spa Manager.

The complete Lapa Spa Massages and Services Menu is here.

The following facilities are available complimentary and exlusivily to our Guests and Spa Members:
Outdoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Our outdoor pool, amidst beautiful and tranquil gardens dotted with ornamental fountains and streams, is heated from May to September at 25º Celsius in summer. A small children pool is also availabe close to the main pool. From the beginning of April to the end of September the pool is fully serviced and Le Pavilion Restaurant offers the possibility of having a light meal or a drink by the pool, from 12 am to 5 pm (from June to September).

Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor Swimming Pool*

* When open, Clients will have to observe some Best Practices and Restrictions as per our Client Information.

Our indoor pool offers a quiet setting with natural daylight and is heated at a temperature of 28º Celsius the full year. It is located in the Spa on the 3rd floor of the Garden Wing and is easily acessible by the rooms. A changing room is available, opening hours are from 10 am to 6:30 pm.

Sauna and Turkish Steam Bath

Sauna and Turkish Bath

Our sauna is located by the indoor pool and is available from 8 am until 6:30 pm. Aromatic oils and natural essences are used in our sauna to enhance and revitalize your well-being. The Turkish bath is located in the changing rooms of our indoor pool and functions from 8 am to 6:30 pm. This is a unisex space. Revitalizing eucalyptus natural essences are used in our steam room.

Cardio fitness Gymnasium

Cardio fitness Gymnasium*

* When open, Clients will have to observe some Best Practices and Restrictions as per our Client Information.

Our Spa offers the possibility of exercise in our fully equipped gymnasium featuring modern equipment including cardio fitness control. The Gymnasium is open from 10 am until 10 pm, and assistance with the exercise machines and equipment is available.